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Welcome to Year 1




Mrs Marin and Mrs Scott would like to welcome you to the Year 1 class page. We are looking forward to working co-operatively with you to support the development of your children throughout the year.

Home Learning during Covid-19


We will provide learning for each week here, as well as putting it onto Class Dojo daily.

If you require any support at all, please don't hesitate to contact us via Class Dojo or telephone the school office.

Home Learning

Week beginning 6.7.20

Home Learning

Week beginning 29.6.20

Home Learning

Week beginning 22.6.20

Home learning 

Week beginning 15.6.20

Home Learning

Week beginning 8.6.20

Home Learning

Week beginning 1.6.20

Home Learning

Week beginning 25.5.20

As it is the half term holidays, the work this week is optional. We hope you enjoy spending some quality family time outdoors. Happy half term holidays!

Maths - try a couple of pages a day (optional)

Home learning

Week beginning 18.5.20

Home learning

Week beginning 11.5.20

The writing this week will be based on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Monday – Read through the powerpoint story of Jack and the Beanstalk or watch it on YouTube . Write a description of one of the characters on the worksheet. Circle the correct adjectives that describe that character then use some of these in your own sentences. Remember to use capital letters and full stops.


Tuesday –  Watch another version of Jack and the beanstalk ( and make some comparisons. Today the children need to write a plan for a different ending to the story. Think about how we can change part of the story e.g. one of the characters (a witch not a giant) or the things Jack stole from the giant (a wand). Use the story planner to record what changes you will make to the story.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday-
Over these three days write your version of the Jack and the Beanstalk with a beginning, middle and end (each section such be at least 5 sentences). Use the list below to check you have remembered everything in your story. Give yourself a smiley face for each one you use.

Challenge – Try to include a question and an exclamation somewhere in your story. Remember to use a question mark or exclamation mark if to you do.


Capital letters


Full stops


Adjectives to describe


Question mark


Explanation mark


Change to the story


Home Learning

Week beginning 4.5.20


This week our writing will be based on the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We will introduce the children to how to use an exclamation mark whilst also reinforcing our learning on using question marks.

Monday – Open the powerpoint on exclamation marks and work through this with your child. Look at the exclamation mark poster and discuss when it is suitable to use an exclamation mark. Encourage your child to complete the full stop/question mark or exclamation mark activity discussing any sentences that your child isn’t sure about. (answers are given underneath question sheet)


Tuesday – Read through the powerpoint story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff or watch it on YouTube

Write a description of one of the characters on the worksheet. Circle the correct adjectives that describe that character then use some of these in your own sentences. Remember to use capital letters and full stops.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Over these three days write the story of the three billy goats gruff with a beginning, middle and end (each section such be at least 5 sentences). When writing this retell try to focus on the use of question marks and exclamation marks. Try to write what the troll asks the Billy Goats eg Who’s that crossing my bridge? Then an exclamation as an answer eg Don’t eat me! or I’m only little!

Please see the attached documents for the activities you need to complete.


Week beginning 27th April


We will continue to follow the White Rose home learning activities.

Monday - Summer term week 1 lesson 4 - Find a half (1)

Tuesday - Summer term week 2 lesson 1 - Find a half (2)

Wednesday - Summer term week 2 lesson 2 - Find a quarter (1)

Thursday - Summer term week 2 lesson 3 - Find a quarter (2)

Friday - Summer term week 2 lesson 4 - Problem solving



In Year 1 we strive to create a smooth transition from Reception into Year 1. We do this by continuing to provide a variety of learning experiences to promote understanding which children are familiar with from their time in Reception. We also begin to create a more structured approach to learning and developing independence.



Children are expected to read every day to an adult and a comment/signature is needed in their reading record at least three times per week.  Reading records are to be handed in every day.


Homework will include; weekly spellings to be tested on a Thursday (class 3) Friday (class 4) and a homework task linked to our maths or topic work. Please return your homework folder every Wednesday so that it can be updated.


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Squeebles - apps



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