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In Sacred Heart School, we follow the religious program ‘Come and See’, which covers a range of challenging themes from EYFS to Y6. Our aims for the teaching of Religious Education are to enrich the lives of our pupils in:

  • God’s unconditional love for everyone and all creation
  • Understanding of the ‘Good News’ of Jesus so that they are inspired to respond to God’s love, reaching out to others.
  • Teaching and understanding of the Catholic faith
  • Developing prayer and worship
  • Awareness and respect of other faiths and cultures
  • Deepening faith by understanding how biblical readings, prayers of the church and the works of those inspired to follow Jesus relate to their own lives, encouraging them to live out the Gospel values.

We aim to live out our school mission statement, that Christ is the centre of our lives, succeeding at this with hearts that inspire, hearts that believe and hearts that achieve, thereby enabling all of God's family to reach their full potential.