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At the beginning of each academic year teachers hold a parent transition meeting.  The aim of this meeting is to inform parents about the curriculum, homework, reading, online-safety and organised trips.

The Sacred Heart curriculum aims to promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural and academic development of all our pupils. It prepares them for the responsibilities and experiences they will encounter in life.


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Reading in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1


“The diligent, concentrated and systematic teaching of phonics is central to the success of all the schools that achieve high reading standards in Key Stage 1.’ (Reading by 6 2010 pg. 4).


At Sacred Heart R.C. School we use Read, Write Inc (RWI) as our prescriptive programme for teaching reading and writing from Nursery to Year 2. It follows a set structure and is heavily based on paired work and positive teaching. The level at which the children work within this programme is dictated by their ability to recognise different phonemes and blend sounds to make words.


It is also used as an intervention programme for children in Key Stage 2 who need to consolidate and develop their understanding of phonics.

If you wish to know more about any aspect of the curriculum in any year group please contact the school office or make an appointment to speak to a teacher.